Training and Development

CLASS leaders work to educate others, receive instruction, and model behavior that others desire to follow”.


By definition, CLASS is mentioned in the context of a teaching group. We are experts that can guide a group, engage with teams, and create experiences that foster growth and insight.


Instructional courses, workshops, team meetings, and more custom sessions for groups up to 30 people max.


Programs to impact an organization that is often driven by an executive initiative. These plans are for an extended amount of time for at least five weeks to start.


Professional advisement for individuals and business leaders. Priced by the hour.

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It is the mission of Class Management Group to serve non-profit, social service initiatives. Organizational leadership is our specialty. Our communities are critical to the success and growth of business.

CEO, Carla Lomack

The Class Reentry Project

A solution service that customizes reentry programs in service to communities and partners for returning citizens of a city, county, state, government, or public entity.