Small Business Support

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New, small, and mid-size business are ideal clients for Class Management Group business support. In addition standard offerings, our unique position of value includes business plan offerings on three levels of service.

All plans are customized and the pricing model is based on a unique collaboration approach.

Special Business Plan Packages

Service 1

The basic business plan ensures that your business plan is fully documented. It includes at least three drafts and sessions of discussion to gather all of your information. Basic pricing for this plan starts at $700.

Service 2

As an add-on to the basic service level, this plan goes further to research data that supports your business model. Typically, this details market, product, and or service research. Better rates for this plan start at $900.

Service 3

Adding on more details and development this top tier package for business plans includes financial research. The best rate for this package starts at $1,200.

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