Our Vision

CLASS Management Group provides support for business operations through administrative, management, and consultative services.  Services are driven by a three-point mission to (1) perform according to the highest level of professionalism, (2) collaborate with clients to create solutions, and (3) guaranteed service.  Core values of CLASS Management Group also include (1) commitment for results, (2) creativity for open ideas and solutions, (3) integrity with complete transparency, (4) quality performance in tasks, (5) teamwork to share an accomplishment, and (6) admirable character for a successful business company operation.

Proven quality, known to be resourceful, helpful, and available to assist with large and small projects

Our Service Commitment

  • As a client you will be engaged with someone having experience and competency to manage projects. CLASS performs to standards as expected for persons following an executive occupation.
  • As a client you will gain a partner and/or colleague to accomplish and exceed goals. You will have direct access whenever needed. CLASS conducts business person to person.
  • As a client you will receive a documented solution based on an understanding of your strategic plan. Customizations are geared to support your competitive edge. CLASS is committed to provide what you expect as a core requirement of service.
  • As a client you have assurance that the service meets specific outcomes as agreed. Your money is a commitment of trust and seen as an investment. It will be returned to you through service that adds value toward your overall objective. CLASS promises to refund your cost of service if they do not meet requirements.
  • As a client you will complete a five step process for fulfillment of services. CLASS has a standard operating procedure that includes basic project management and lean six sigma methodology.
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