Notary Options

Declare to a Notary that you are willingly signing a document

Swear to or affirm the truthfulness of the contents of a document to a Notary
$10.00 per certificate (oath or affirmation)

Loan Document Packaging
Specifically, handle and notarize loan documents for lenders
Minimum Rate Applies $100 Home Loan/ $50 Refinance

A certificate of dishonor

Certify Copy
A certificate that a copy is a true copy of the primary document
$10.00 per certification

Verify Vehicle Identifying Number (VIN)
The notary certifies their physical inspection of the vehicle and VIN to match

Wedding Officiation
In a similar fashion to administer an oath
$20.00 plus travel

Event Management
Traditional project management approach

Print/ Fax/ Scan/ Copy
Equipment use service
$0.25 per sheet

Business Concierge
A variety of services to support executives, employees, and individuals

Specializing in Mobile and Remote Online Notary Services

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