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Professional Options

Declare to a Notary that you are willingly signing a document

Swear to or affirm the truthfulness of the contents of a document to a Notary
$10.00 per certificate (oath or affirmation)

Loan Document Packaging
Specifically, handle and notarize loan documents for lenders

A certificate of dishonor

Certify Copy
A certificate that a copy is a true copy of the primary document
$10.00 per certification

Verify Vehicle Identifying Number (VIN)
The notary certifies their physical inspection of the vehicle and VIN to match


Wedding Officiation
In a similar fashion to administer an oath
$20.00 plus travel

Event Management
Traditional project management approach

Office Support

Print/ Fax/ Scan/ Copy
Equipment use service
$0.25 per sheet

Virtual Assistance
Online, remote administrative support

Business Concierge
A variety of services to support executives, employees, and individuals

Mobile Services may include additional fees to all listed costs for travel

Carla M. Lomack
Certified Notary Signing Agent
Carla Lomack Notary Signing Agent

Certified Notary Signing Agent Carla Lomack


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